Spousal Support Lawyer: How Long Does It Take to Get Spousal Support?

A spousal support lawyer may be able to assist you with obtaining temporary spousal support while your divorce case is pending. Temporary spousal support will allow you to maintain the same kind of lifestyle that you maintained over the course of you… Read More
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A Child Custody Lawyer Can Help Streamline Your Case

In many cases, the parties themselves can make their own decisions about legal and physical custody. These decisions are incorporated into a settlement agreement which both parties sign, along with a judge. It is only when the parties are unable to a… Read More
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Fresno Divorce Lawyers Lower Legal Costs

It goes without saying that the divorce process can be expensive, and average divorce case costs may range from $15,000 to $20,000. This includes legal fees for a divorce lawyer and separate litigation costs. If you are contemplating or are in the mi… Read More
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