After going through a divorce, most people will again start looking for love, and they will find new partners. This can be a very good thing as it allows people to move beyond the bad memories and into what is hopefully a happier life. However, things are not always rosy, especially when one has to consider alimony and child support. For many people, the cost of alimony and child support is high enough that it already is financially painful. When those people see that their former spouse is now moved on and happy, and the paying spouse still has to pay, it can be quite frustrating.

Sometimes, the payer even wonders if he or she is paying for the support of the new love interest in addition to the alimony and child support. This can quickly breed contempt. This does not mean that you are going to be able to stop paying your support though. You still have to pay until you receive a court order that says otherwise. Modification is not always possible, but it is something that you will be able to talk about with your legal representation.

Modifying child support is not easy, as you are still responsible for the financial support of your kids. However, spousal support is another story. It could be possible to show that your ex no longer has the same expenses as before, and this can help you financially. If he or she moves in with their new partner, it could reduce the cost of rent for him or her, and this could be something that the courts could consider.

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