Here is a dramatic number – according to the Center For Disease Control (CDC), there were over 800,000 divorces across the country in 2014. This statistic is actually missing a number of states, which means it could be much higher. When compared to the number of new marriages every year, it translates into about a 50% divorce rate for a vast majority of America. So what is causing so many couples to throw in the towel? Divorce rates have exploded over the past three decades, but what are some of the reasons for the increase?

While every case is different, there are a few consistent factors that go into a couple’s desire to end it. Here are the most common causes of divorce the Law Office of Rick D. Banks has seen over the years:
  • Cheating – It should come as little surprise that this is one of the main issues on the list. While the old adage – “once a cheater, always a cheater” – may be debatable, the fact is once the trust in a marriage has been broken, it is extremely hard to regain.
  • Poor Communication – Anyone who has had an extensive relationship, marriage or otherwise, knows that the only way to maintain it is through healthy dialogue. Lack of communication puts an early expiration date on any relationship.

  • Bad Behaviors – Drink too much? Committed one too many crimes? Lousy with money? Or perhaps just a violent sort of person? These are all very strong grounds for separation.

If you are considering a divorce are already in the process of filing, contact the Law Offices of Rick D. Banks today and get the information you need. We have helped many Fresno residents seek the future they want. You can reach us at any time at (559)222-4891.
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