Blended Family

Legal Challenges for A Blended Family Going Through Divorce 

After a divorce, families can face significant changes — and the challenges for blended families can be even more numerous. Nearly 40% of families in the United States today are blended, meaning one or both partners have children from prior relatio… Read More
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Child Custody during divorce

10 Strategies to Increase Your Odds of Getting Child Custody During Divorce in Fresno, California

Introduction: Going through a divorce can be an emotionally challenging experience, especially when child custody is involved. In Fresno, California, family courts prioritize the best interests of the child when determining custody arrangements. To i… Read More
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family law attorneys in Fresno

Fresno Family Law: A Comprehensive Guide to Family Legal Matters

Family law is a complex and multifaceted area of the law that addresses a variety of domestic issues. In Fresno, navigating family law matters requires a thorough understanding of state regulations and local dynamics. From divorce and custody issues… Read More
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Studying Interstate Succession Purchase Agreement

Intestate Succession: What Happens if You Die Without an Estate Plan?

Estate planning is crucial for anyone who wants to remain in control of how their property is distributed when they pass away. Without having a valid will in place at the very least, there is no guarantee that your assets will pass to the person you… Read More
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Senior couple arguing while wife is on the phone with gray divorce attorney.

Challenges of a Gray Divorce

Divorce is hard at any stage of life. However, various aspects of divorce can be particularly challenging after the age of 50. By the time you are older, you have typically acquired more property and assets than you may have possessed at a younger ag… Read More
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Mom with special needs child laughing together while playing in the living room - divorce and child custody concept.

Divorce with Special Needs Child

Going through a divorce is challenging enough. But when you are parting ways with your spouse, the process can be more complicated when you share a child with special needs. A special needs child is a child who has been determined to have a physical,… Read More
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Signing up for a secure future, estate and incapacity planning concept

Incapacity Planning

A comprehensive estate plan shouldn’t only address your wishes after you pass. It should also specify how your financial, personal, legal, and healthcare matters will be handled in the event you become incapacitated and cannot make decisions for yo… Read More
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Tired dad taking a nap in a messy home. Parenthood.

What Makes a Parent Unfit for Child Custody?

Child custody disputes can be an emotional issue for many parents who are separated or divorced. In contentious cases, a parent might try to argue that the other is unfit to have custody of the child. While no parent is perfect, it is uncommon for a… Read More
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Inherited IRA memo on the color paper and calculator.

How to Leave an IRA to Heirs

Many people use traditional and Roth IRAs to save money for retirement. But it should also be considered as part of a comprehensive estate plan. If you have an IRA account, it becomes part of your net worth and the assets in it can be passed to a ben… Read More
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Child custody concept. Wooden blocks with text and woman, man and child figurine

How to Win a Child Custody Case in California

Child custody battles are often contentious and lengthy disputes. Although courts prefer joint custody arrangements in most circumstances, there may be situations where sharing custody does not work. However, it’s essential to understand that in an… Read More
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