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How to Win a Child Custody Case in California

Child custody battles are often contentious and lengthy disputes. Although courts prefer joint custody arrangements in most circumstances, there may be situations where sharing custody does not work. However, it’s essential to understand that in an… Read More
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Does Divorce Affect Social Security Benefits?

If you’re an older adult who is considering divorce, you may be concerned about how it might affect things like social security benefits. These payments can be crucial to provide income to people throughout their retirement years. While retirement… Read More
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Proving Relocation is in the Best Interests of Your Child

When a marriage ends, the whole family will likely experience many changes. Sometimes, a parent may wish to move out of state for a change of employment or a fresh start following divorce. Although a judge cannot force a parent to remain in Californi… Read More
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5 Things to Know About Filing for Divorce If You or Your Spouse is in the Military

If you or your spouse is a member of the military and you are facing divorce, it’s critical to be aware of how military divorce differs from civilian divorce. Although state law governs divorce matters, there are certain instances in which federal… Read More
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Discussing Estate Plannin…

Discussing Estate Planning with Aging Parents

Discussing estate planning with aging parents can be difficult — but it’s important to have this conversation while your parents are still healthy and of sound mind. Estate planning doesn’t only have to do with how assets are distributed after… Read More
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What Legal Rights Does a Trust Beneficiary Have?

If you are the beneficiary of a trust in California, it’s essential to understand that you are afforded specific rights by law. Significantly, a trust beneficiary should not simply sit back and wait for the administration process to take its course… Read More
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Divorce and Estate Planning

Divorce can change all aspects of your life — it can also impact any existing estate plan you may have in place. If you are considering divorce, you should think about how ending your marriage will affect the wishes you may have outlined in your wi… Read More
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What to Know About a Putative Spouse’s Rights in California

If you believed that you were married — only to later discover that your marriage wasn’t valid — you may still have legal rights if you and your partner decide to go your separate ways. Under California Family Code § 2251, one or both parties… Read More
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What is Reasonable Visitation?

Visitation can be a contentious issue in divorces or when a couple who shares children part ways. It’s important to be aware that there are various types of visitation arrangements that can be agreed upon — or ordered by the court — depending o… Read More
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Establishing Parental Relationships Under California Law

Family structures can be complex — and a child’s parents may not always be legally married. In California, a parent has the legal right to be recognized as the parent of their child and have a relationship with them, regardless of their marital s… Read More
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