When parties with minor children go through the divorce process, the subject of co-parenting oftentimes comes up. Co-parenting basically means that both parents care for – and share responsibility for – their minor child or minor children while their divorce case is pending in the court system. The family law attorneys at Rick Banks Law can assist you with entering into a co-parenting agreement that suits your family’s background, circumstances, needs, and preferences.

Co-Parenting Agreements

Divorce can be especially difficult for the parties’ minor child or children. A good co-parenting plan can help to alleviate stress for everyone involved and foster a spirit of cooperation between the divorcing parents. A co-parenting plan may help during the divorce proceedings by creating a schedule, albeit preliminary or temporary, providing the parties’ children with stability and structure while their parents’ divorce case is pending. This interim agreement may remain in effect while the couple works on resolving other issues, such as marital property and finances. An interim agreement may also address the following; whether:
  • one parent will secure a new residence while the other parent remains in the home
  • the children will remain in the family home with one parent
  • the other parent will have access to the children and be able to spend time with them while the divorce case is pending
It is also important to note that many options exist for a co-parenting agreement and that there is no single ideal co-parenting schedule. A family law attorney may be able to help you draft a workable co-parenting agreement that fits the needs and schedules of both parents, as well as the minor children.

Consulting With a Neutral Child Specialist or Pursuing Mediation

The divorcing couple may also have the option of consulting with a neutral child specialist, prior to finalizing the divorce and custody arrangements. A neutral child specialist may be able to help the parties evaluate their situation (as well as the needs of their children) and help everyone come to an agreement on key issues before the divorce has been finalized. In addition, the parties may be able to seek the services of a neural third-party mediator to help arrive at a workable co-parenting schedule while the divorce case is still pending. No matter which option you choose, it is important to understand that you – the parents – are in the best position to know and understand your unique needs, as well as those of your children. Mediation and collaborative law processes encourage couples to think creatively and strategically about the parenting plan that will work best for themselves and for their families.

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Transitioning from living under one roof to living under two roofs can be extremely difficult for minor children. A good parenting plan helps to reduce the stress associated with this transition. A Fresno family law attorney can discuss your family’s unique needs with you and can assist you with drafting a workable co-parenting plan. Contact the co-parenting lawyers at Rick Banks Law by calling (559)222-4891, for a free initial consultation.
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