Central California Child Support

Under California law, both parents are legally responsible for the financial and emotional support of children they have together. If the parents are unmarried at the time their child is conceived or born, or the couple is going through a divorce, the experienced Fresno child support attorney Rick D. Banks can help them in setting up a legally structured way of supporting their children.

The Law Office of Rick D. Banks can help you fight for the level of child support you believe your child truly needs and guide you to a California child support agreement that is fair to both parents, as well as in the best interest of their children. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you. Our family law attorneys in Fresno can be reached at (559)222-4891.

If Parents Can’t Agree, How is Child Support Calculated?

How Do I Get a Child Support Order in Fresno?

Once a petition for dissolution of marriage (otherwise known as a divorce) has been filed, a parent may request financial support for children the couple had together during their marriage. If the couple never married, a child support order can be sought for financial assistance in raising a child, but paternity tests must be taken first. This is to legally establish that each parent is indeed the parent of the child or children involved. A child support order establishes that one parent must make monthly financial payments to the other parent to help in raising their shared child or children.

Do I Have to Pay Fresno Child Support?

If you are ordered to pay child support — YES. There is no getting out of this responsibility. However, if you feel that your child support order is unfair, you may seek a post-decree modification order that lowers the amount you have to pay. Anyone charged with paying child support must to do so until any of the following happens:

  • The child is emancipated
  • The child passes away
  • The child gets married
  • The child turns 18 (and isn’t a full time high school student)
  • The child turns 19 (if they are a full time high school student)

In the case of children who are born with severe disabilities that affect their ability to earn a living, child support may extend past these deadlines.

How Much Child Support Should I Be Paying or Receiving in Fresno?

In California, family law courts consider a number of factors when calculating child support payments, including:

  • The gross income of each parent
  • Percentage of time each parent spends with the child
  • Child care costs
  • Tax status of each parent

Once the court orders a parent to pay child support, payments must be paid in a timely fashion. If a parent fails to keep up their child support payments, a dedicated Fresno family law attorney may be able to help get these orders enforced. The child support attorney team at the Law Office of Rick D. Banks is experienced in pursuing child support payments from delinquent parents.

Situations Where Fresno Family Law Courts Award Large Child Support Amounts

There are some situations where the family law court will order a parent to pay large child support awards. Many of these large child support awards involve parents with extraordinarily high incomes. Another common example of larger child support awards involves situations where the children have special medical needs that require more financial support.

What If I Need to Modify an Existing Fresno Child Support Order?

Legally, a parent must abide by the child support order that the court awarded. Failing to do so will lead to serious legal consequences. To avoid this, you may be able to modify your existing Fresno child support order. If your financial situation has undergone a serious change, you need a dedicated Fresno family law attorney on your side. The Law Office of Rick D. Banks can provide you with the legal guidance necessary to seek a change to your child support order.

Remember: you can’t (and shouldn’t) stop making support payments while you try to get your child support order changed. Don’t hesitate to speak with The Law Office of Rick D. Banks about your situation immediately.

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