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Child custody may be either joint or sole. In California, joint custody simply means that both parents will share in the responsibility to make choices concerning the health, education, and overall well-being of the child. The law states that no prior consultation between the parents is necessary only that in the event of an emergency, the other parent should be notified. If parents share join custody of their child, either parent can obtain school and health information.

While it seems straightforward, there are different types of joint custody:

  • Pure joint custody — Neither parent has exclusive physical or legal custody but both have the authority to control and supervise the child and the child lives with both.
  • Joint legal custody — Both parents share the responsibility for making decisions about the child’s health, education, and welfare.
  • Joint physical custody — Each parent can have “significant periods” or physical custody which must be shared so that steady contact is maintained with both parents. One parent can still be the “primary caretaker” however.

My Fresno family law firm understands that custody of a child is one of the most challenging issues that face a couple looking to separate. We do our best to put the needs and rights of the child first. Joint custody is usually assumed to be in the child’s best interest in the state of California, though this means that if one party wants to later challenge the joint custody ruling it can be quite difficult.

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