Child Visitation

In some divorce cases, full legal child custody is granted to one parent. Visitation is often given to the parent that does not have child custody. This is a situation that must be determined by the court and diligently fought for with the assistance of a Fresno visitation lawyer from my firm. At the Law Offices of Rick D. Banks, I can help you get the visitation that you deserve. As a parent, whether a father or mother, you have rights that must be protected. If there are problems, such as child abuse, drug addiction, or alcoholism, my firm can help ensure that your child is protected. My firm can help you get the evidence that you need to support your claim and get the visitation result that you deserve.

In many cases, the spouses cannot come to an agreement regarding this element of the divorce. Visitation is an important matter in any divorce because it can impact the relationship you have with your child or children. If the two parents are able to work together toward an amicable resolution concerning visitation, trial is not a necessary aspect of the case. A Fresno divorce attorney may be of great assistance to protect the rights of parents and children in this situation. If the divorce is contested, the discussion of visitation will have to be taken to court and tried.

Modifying a Fresno Visitation Order

After a divorce has been executed, a visitation order may have to be modified. If a child is in an unsafe environment, legal action can be taken to change the current parenting plan. It is important to seek legal assistance rather than going against court orders when it comes to visitation. Obtain legal assistance form my firm prior to acting on your own. At the Law Offices of Rick D. Banks, it is my goal to ensure that children and parents retain harmonious relationships even after divorce. Contact us by calling (559)222-4891 to learn more about how a divorce lawyer can help you with your visitation arrangement.

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