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If some time has passed since your original spousal support order was solidified by a judge and you would like to modify this, you will need to prove there has been a change in circumstances to illicit such modifications.

If the partner receiving support no longer needs it or the person paying support can no longer afford to do so, due to a reduction in income, modifications may be granted. If one party is not making efforts to pay support, the other party can petition the court to end spousal support. Similarly, if one party believes the arrangements are too difficult to maintain in their current financial situation, they can request lower payments.

Steps to Take When Seeking to Modify Spousal Support in Fresno

You will need to move quickly to change your spousal support order if your circumstances have changed. You should contact my firm right away if you wish to pursue a modification.

Some People Make the Mistake of Waiting Due to the Following Issues:

  • Thinking their decreased income is only temporary
  • They are currently incarcerated, making it difficult to file paperwork
  • Stress or preoccupation
  • Belief that it will be easier to make a change later

Delaying in filing a request can only hurt you. Spousal support cannot be changed retroactively. This means that if you lost your job months ago and are only now filing the paperwork, the judge can only change your support order from the date you filed the papers.

Have a Fresno Spousal Support Lawyer in Your Corner

At the Law Offices of Rick D. Banks, I can create an effective legal strategy to represent your rights and interests. Many courts have recently been moving towards the idea that alimony should only be a temporary measure. I can start by assessing what your court order says about you and your former spouse’s marital standard of living and the length and restrictions of the support.

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