Division of Property After Divorce

When a marriage begins to dissolve, there are certain issues that must be discussed and efficiently handled by a Fresno divorce attorney. Property division is a difficult topic to navigate for many couples because no one wants to live without the objects to which they become accustomed. When the couple has to distribute mutually held marital property, their tensions typically run high and it can become a complicated situation. Determining what is marital property and what individually belongs to each person is not an easy problem to solve.

Dividing Income-Producing Assets in Fresno

Many times, the partners bring in assets of their own into the marriage that they want to hold on to after divorce. If the couple has any businesses or commercial real estate, these assets can be very difficult to divide. That is because dividing a business can often be detrimental to the company. Mineral rights involved in the property division can lead to many arguments and complex issues. A Fresno property division attorney can stand by your side and assist in the distribution of these assets. We can help determine what is fair and equitable.

At Law Offices of Rick D. Banks, I understand that there are many fundamentals that must be addressed in a divorce property division situation. When a couple is not able to amicably decide on property division, such as in contested divorce situations, the debts and assets can be distributed by the court. If the distribution of your marital assets gets placed in the hands of the court, they will follow specific procedures to equitably divide the property. It may not be in an exact equal split, but the court will attempt to fairly divide the assets. For further information, feel free to contact my firm at (559)222-4891 as soon as possible.