How to Prepare Yourself for Divorce & Find and Hire the Right Fresno Attorney for Your Case

When you are already facing the stress of filing for divorce, your frustration will only grow if you are unable to find quality, reliable information regarding how to complete the process and what to expect. Fortunately, we have created the ultimate California divorce resource for you.

Each state has its own legal requirements for properly filing for divorce, and we will walk you through California divorce laws step by step to ensure that you are prepared and that you avoid all of the common mistakes.

When you are first taking steps to complete a divorce, you will likely feel overwhelmed by the vast number of legal options and California divorce attorneys available to you. It is completely understandable that you might feel confused, nervous, or frustrated when trying to find useful information regarding which lawyer will be right for you or which legal services you actually need.

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Become Knowledgeable and Confident

With the help of our California divorce guide, you can finally have your most challenging questions answered. We have gone to great lengths to provide information that will enable you to choose the best possible divorce attorney for your case.

This guide will help you know the questions to ask at your first meeting with your lawyer to determine if this professional will be able to meet your goals and objectives, protecting your best interests.

I Highly Recommend You Do Your Research Before Hiring a Fresno Attorney for Your Divorce

The divorce attorney you hire for your case is one of the vital decisions you will make, and will largely shape the outcome of your case. Before you even begin to consider California divorce attorneys, or begin to consult with anyone, make certain that you fully understand what to expect.

You can prepare yourself, and become a more knowledgeable client, by first studying the materials within our guide. Once you understand California divorce law more closely, you will find it much easier to identify attorneys that provide useful and dependable services.

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After Reading Our Divorce Guide, You Will Understand:

  • Common false beliefs about California divorce
  • How to increase your odds of winning your case
  • Five deadly mistakes that can destroy your divorce case
  • The truth about lawyer advertising
  • Why you may not need an attorney at all
  • How to resolve your divorce with less stress and less expense
  • How to find a qualified divorce attorney

Top Five Mistakes in a Fresno Divorce

Divorce is a very common means of escape from a complicated or even disastrous marriage. It is a complex process, but one that almost allows for a fresh and renewed start. When divorce becomes a reality, my firm can help you navigate the process of divorce. As a Fresno divorce lawyer with more than 15 years of experience, I have examined many different couples pursing divorce. No matter which way you approach it, the nature of a divorce is almost by law a complex and messy circumstance. My goal, however, is to enlighten my clients of the top mistakes that divorcing couples and individuals make and how to avoid complication. Below, I have listed the top five pieces of advice based on the mistakes that are often made in divorce.

1. Do Not Let Emotions Cloud Judgment

During divorce, both men and women allow their emotions to influence the decisions that are made. Emotions become the driving factor of arguments, resolutions and decisions. The problem is that one of the parties allows their emotions to drive an unnecessary argument. In other situations, an individual's emotions cause them to agree on a decision just because they do not want to argue. They often look back and wish that they had placed more force on certain issues and less attention on others. This is often because of emotions.

2. Do Not Assume Debts Are Forgiven

After a divorce, it is important to not simply assume that debt obligations are paid or forgiven. Mortgages and other forms of debt are often still in need of being paid. It is important to make sure that all finances are adequately handled and solved. Make sure that all joint held monetary issues are resolved and to disclose all of your assets and debts.

3. Keep Private Information Private

It is important to be open and confide in those who are close to you, but I discourage you to share more than necessary. In addition, it is essential to keep private information off of public social networking sites. Having a support system to rely on is important to effectively navigating your case, but sharing too much can damage your case. It is also important to realize that your situation is unique and is not the same as others and therefore, you should carefully examine each piece of advice that is received.

4. Do Not Involve Children Except When Necessary

It is already very difficult for the children in a divorce situation to face the separation of their parental figures. Many parents make the mistake of involving the children in each aspect of the divorce and making angry comments against the other parent. Whether it is purposeful or not, many comments can be taken as a way to alienate your child from the other parent.

5. Ensure You Are Not Taken Advantage Of By The Other Party

It is important not to become the victim during your divorce. Make sure that you are kept up-to-date on each aspect of the divorce and retain the knowledge necessary to help you through. Protect your assets and debts by keeping track of what is considered marital and what is considered separate. If children are involved, make sure that your rights are being adequately considered.

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