He was a highly regarded member of Fresno’s law enforcement fraternity, with over three decades of decorated service. Civic leaders throughout Fresno spoke highly of him, noting his dedication to the badge and love of the job. For many local officials, he was more than a colleague – he was a close friend, who was instrumental in bringing Fresno’s police department into the 21st century. In fact, there wasn’t a neighborhood in the city that didn’t recognize or respect deputy police chief Keith Foster in one-way or another. Which makes his most recent indictment on federal drug trafficking charges all the more shocking and disheartening. Amidst all of this, his wife was currently filing for an irreconcilable divorce lawsuit. If Foster could keep up the appearance as a straight-shooting officer of the law for so long, while slinging narcotics on the side, what else could be hiding beneath the surface?

As it turns out - a lot more. Foster has been separated three times, with his most recent wife Yvonne, filing for divorce through the Law Office of Rick D. Banks after 17 years of marriage. According to the divorce papers submitted to the Fresno County Superior Court and obtained by the Fresno Bee, the former narcotics officer owes nearly $40,000 to the IRS, tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, and thousands more in loans on various luxury items. The report also suggests Foster owes the Fresno Police Department credit union over $30,000 and has no savings in which to pull from. Additionally, Yvonne successfully petitioned to have her ex-husband’s wages garnished, making her eligible for over $5,000 in child and spousal support payments.

Court documents also suggest that Foster’s “very busy lifestyle” played a considerable role in the most recent divorce. Yvonne cited numerous examples where her husband would leave their two children alone for “long hours unsupervised and without care.” In many of the examples, the disgraced cop would take extensive trips to other cities, while the two children – ages 12 and 14 – were left to fend for themselves. While it remains to be seen whether or not these troubles are connected to his suspected criminal activity, if convicted, Foster could face millions of dollars in fines on top of his already sizeable debt, not to mention nearly 45 years behind bars.

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