The beginning of the year is always a popular time for people filing for divorce. Tax accountants get busy in March and April, and divorce attorneys see an increase in divorces as early as the first Monday after the new year – often called “Divorce Monday.” People are often seeking a new life in the new year and many have suffered a rough holiday season with their soon to be ex-spouse.

If you are considering filing for divorce in the new year, you should consider doing it as soon as possible. An experienced divorce attorney at Rick Banks Law can help you through the process. To schedule a no obligation consultation, call (559)222-4891.

New Year, New You!

Consider filing for divorce as early as possible in the new year, even in January. New Year’s resolutions can often give you the motivation you need to do something that will benefit you. After the stress of the holidays and family gatherings, you should be focused on yourself. If you’re unhappy in your marriage, divorce in the near year may be the answer.

Filing for divorce at the beginning of the year will give you and your children time to adjust to your new status before the holidays roll around again. Many people will be surprised at the news that you are separating from your spouse. Give them time to come to terms with the news before you have to see them again later in the year.

Extra Money in Your Hands

Many people end up filing for divorce early in the year because they have extra money from a bonus check or tax returns. Divorce can be expensive. Your Christmas bonus would be well used to better your life through divorce.

You may want to separate your money from your spouse in the new year. Thus, the earlier you file for divorce, the better. Once you’ve officially filed, you can separate your money from theirs. Although the money you earned up until that point may be considered the assets of both parties, a divorce lawyer can argue that you deserve to keep what you’ve earned in the new year.

Planning for a New Tax Year

Even if you’re in the process of divorce, you may have to file your taxes “married filing jointly” or “married filing separate.” By filing for divorce early in the year, you can get a jump start on next year’s taxes. We can work to help you get through the process quickly and efficiently so you won’t have to file taxes and share that income tax return next year.

Although filing for divorce in January or early in the year does not automatically guarantee that you will be able to file taxes on your own next year, it does increase the chances. Divorces can take a significant amount of time to finalize. If your soon to be ex-spouse disagrees with any of the conditions of your divorce, it can take months or years to settle differences. However, with the help of a skilled divorce attorney, you may be able to find a quick and reasonable resolution for all parties.

Get It Over With!

Many people avoid filing for divorce because they know it’s going be an unpleasant experience. With the new year, you may have renewed motivation to file for divorce and get it over with.

If You’re Considering Filing for Divorce, Contact Rick Banks Law Today

Divorce can be extremely stressful, with many aspects to consider about when you file paperwork with the court. If you’re ready to end your marriage, we can help. Call Rick Banks Law today at (559)222-4891 to let us guide you through the process of filing for divorce.

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