If you have been abused, or are suffering from a pattern of abuse from a friend of loved one, you might not be sure of what steps to take next. Abuse – emotional, physical or sexual – can leave victims numb to the situation, and to the ways to potentially resolve it. This is especially true when the violent behavior is coming from a loved one.

The Law Office of Rick D. Banks wants you to know that you are not alone. Help is available.

But, that leaves us at the biggest question of them all – where do you start?

First, if you have recently suffered a traumatic event at the hands of a loved one fear for your safety, don’t hesitate to contact 911 immediately. The sooner the police are involved, the safer you may be. In California, law enforcement officers are able to produce an Emergency Protective Order that shields you from your attacker.

Unfortunately, this is only a temporary measure and after a week you will need to begin the formal process of filing for a domestic violence restraint. You'll need an experienced lawyer to help get a restraining order.

A domestic violence restraining order is a court-mandated barrier between you and your attacker. To qualify for such an order, the accused must have attacked you or threatened to attack you at some point. This person needs to have an established close relationship with you. A random person on the street can't have restraining orders taken out against them; it must be a relative or someone you are living with.

Once the restraining order is granted the individual in question may be barred from making contact with you or your family. For a detailed review of how the process works and what you must do to get an order, contact the Law Office of Rick D. Banks.

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