A prenuptial agreement establishes how a couple’s property will be distributed in the event that their marriage terminates. The process of negotiating a prenuptial agreement can be stressful, but it is important to keep the end goal in mind: coming to an agreement that is mutually beneficial for both parties. The agreement that you craft should be long-standing and family-oriented. If you are looking to craft a workable prenuptial agreement, the family law attorneys at Rick Banks Law can assist you with this task. What follows are some points to keep in mind as you and your fiancé begin negotiating the terms of your prenuptial agreement.

Structure the Negotiation Process

Going into the prenuptial agreement negotiations, each party may already have certain goals in mind. These goals may be financial, personal, or investment-related. It is important to think about these goals ahead of time and about how to incorporate them into the agreement in a meaningful way. You should never reduce the agreement (or any portion of the agreement) to writing before discussing it with your partner.

Keeping the Peace

Discussions and negotiations about prenuptial agreements should never be adversarial or controversial – or based upon mistrust or anxiety. A good family law attorney can work with both parties to ease any fears they may have and can craft a workable prenuptial agreement that incorporates both parties’ needs and goals.

Both Parties Should Be Treated as Equals During Negotiations

When discussing a prenuptial agreement, each partner’s needs and wishes should be given equal consideration. Crafting a workable agreement involves patience and integrity. These skills will establish a good foundation for the marriage relationship and will ensure that it lasts for many, many years to come.

Both Parties Can Win When It Comes to Prenuptial Agreements

When it comes to prenuptial agreements, both parties can win. A prenuptial agreement should not disadvantage either party, and a positive negotiation outlook can ensure that both parties win. You should always keep in mind that prenuptial agreements are about planning for the future and that it takes both parties to successfully accomplish this goal.

Open Communication Is Key

Being flexible and carefully listening to your partner’s concerns is key to crafting a workable prenuptial agreement. This also sets the stage for marriage and helps to build a strong relationship based upon mutual trust and respect. Parties should also refrain from being competitive when it comes to prenuptial agreements. Instead they should focus on the end goal. Both parties should feel like equal partners during the negotiations.

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Prenuptial agreements typically involve property and money. Negotiating about these topics can sometimes be very difficult for couples who are planning to marry in the near future. A Fresno family law attorney will be able to discuss your individual needs and goals with you and can help to craft a workable prenuptial agreement that will withstand the test of time. Contact the experienced prenuptial agreement lawyers at Rick Banks Law at 559-222-4891.
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