If Steve Clark has his way, alimony will no longer be an enforceable measure in California’s family courts by 2016. Of course, he’ll need the signatures – all 365, 880 of them – in order to register for the November 2016 ballot. But with the support and permission from the California Secretary of State, Mr. Clark – who is also executive director for the aptly named CalAlimonyReform.org –has a fighting chance at making it happen. This is the first step to end alimony in California.

As reported by OCWeekly, the Huntington Beach native and software consultant believes alimony, otherwise known as maintenance or spousal support, is “outdated” and harkens back to a time that no longer adheres to social norms. Mr. Clark believes alimony only serves as a method of financial revenge between partners following a divorce and only ends up hurting everyone involved.

If approved by voters, the initiative would end most awards, by either decreasing them to zero or terminating them outright. Analysts believe this could cost taxpayers millions as couples seeking to appeal the ruling and preserve their alimony would drag their cases out to the bitter end.

Mr. Clark and his group have until November of this year to secure all the signatures he needs in order to be featured on the 2016 ballot. For more information on this new initiative or any questions you may have concerning alimony in your own divorce, contact the Law Office of Rick D. Banks today and schedule a free consultation. Dial (559)222-4891 or submit your information online and we will contact you shortly.
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