Child custody

Navigating the Maze: Expert Insights on Fresno Child Custody Laws Every Parent Should Know

Introduction: Child custody battles can be emotionally challenging and legally complex, especially for parents in Fresno, California. Understanding the intricacies of Fresno’s child custody laws is essential to navigate the legal maze and make… Read More
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Fresno Divorce Lawyer

Experienced Fresno Divorce Lawyer

Ending your marriage can be overwhelming and throw your life into a state of imbalance. Divorce can have a significant impact on not only your assets but also on your relationship with your children and all aspects of your future. The decisions you m… Read More
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Child Custody

The California Child Custody Court Process

The child custody court process in California can be contentious, costly, and lengthy. While contested child custody proceedings are almost never in the child’s best interests, the California Superior Court prefers to have these issues decided outs… Read More
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Child Custody during divorce

10 Strategies to Increase Your Odds of Getting Child Custody During Divorce in Fresno, California

Introduction: Going through a divorce can be an emotionally challenging experience, especially when child custody is involved. In Fresno, California, family courts prioritize the best interests of the child when determining custody arrangements. To i… Read More
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