I came across Mr. Banks’ name and four other people’s names. I did my research and I prayed on it and his name popped into my head, so I called.

Mr. Banks has been my attorney since 2013. Obviously, this is 2018. My divorce took six months and a day. However, there’s always things that come up after the fact. Mr. Banks represented me several times after the divorce had already been final and he was very gracious with his time and his attention to detail and everything. We were always patient, although the parties that we were dealing with weren’t always above board, but everything worked out because we always did things the right way.

It was great working with Rick. He listened, he understood and he was patient and like I said, gracious with his time. He didn’t rush you. He wasn’t like, “Okay, we got to get through this. We need this done. We need that done.” He took his time and everything worked.

We did a lot of mediation. A lot of things was done via stipulation, which helped greatly but it was just dealing with my ex’s attorney’s office and their paralegal who weren’t, I would say, very scrupulous in their dealings and not very nice people.

I would to say, if you want someone who’s fair, who’s impartial, who’s going to listen, who won’t judge you on whatever you’re dealing with, then this is the person that you want to represent you. He’s professional, he’s ethical and that’s the type of person that you want to represent you in court.You want an attorney that is going to hear you because sometimes people listen but they don’t hear. Who’s going to hear your voice and allow you to have a voice in.

You want to deal with Mr. Banks because like I said, you want to deal with someone who’s nonjudgmental regardless of what the details of your divorce lies. As you know, we dealt with a lot after the fact. Dealing with my case, that pretty much became a public spectacle after the fact. So, you want someone who’s going to be mindful, bad things can get out of hand, someone who’s going to have enough integrity not to speak out of place and someone who’s going to ask your permission if they want to speak about your case, which is what he did in my situation because of the publicness of some things that happened after the fact.

For someone who’s contemplating getting a divorce, if this is really what you want to do, you need to get a great attorney. Also, it’s not just the attorney, is the people that work behind the scenes, the paralegals, the office managers, the accountants. You want to deal with people who are looking out for your best interest, but at the same time are fair. Sometimes even in a divorce, your attorney has to tell you something that you need to hear and maybe not necessarily want to hear. You want to have that type of relationship with your attorney and the people in their office. That way when you walk in, everybody feels like it’s the family.