Just how well is your marriage going? Whether you have been married for years, or you are still in the honeymoon phase, it might be wise to look for some signs of trouble. While we all hope that our marriage will be the one that lasts, many marriages today end in divorce. Three out of every four marriages in California end in divorce, and that is certainly a high number. Take a moment to look at the following top ten signs that your marriage might be in trouble and be honest about where you stand.

  1. While it's good to be your own person, if you are making all of your own decisions, and you aren't making any joint decisions with your partner, things could be headed for trouble.
  2. You need to have give and take in your marriage. It's a partnership, so if you and your spouse keep track of who does more and contributes more, it's a sign of problems.
  3. You, or your spouse, dictate everything that happens.
  4. You feel as though you are roommates rather than spouses.
  5. You find yourself doing things to anger the other person on purpose.
  6. You do not hang out with one another and have date night as much as you once did.
  7. You begin talking to other people to try to make connections and to have someone to speak with since your spouse is unavailable.
  8. You stop having sex.
  9. It's hard to have a good conversation that doesn't end in an argument.
  10. Mentally, you are no longer a part of the relationship.

Keep watch for these warning signs so you know where your marriage stands. To schedule a no obligation consultation, call (559)222-4891.

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