WNBA superstar and Phoenix Mercury center, Britney Griner has filed for an annulment from her wife, Glory Johnson. The filing comes 29-days after the couple was married and a day after Ms. Johnson announced she was pregnant. Despite the dramatic fashion in which the announcement took place, Ms. Griner insisted that the decision was a mutual one and went on to state, “In the week prior to the wedding, I attempted to postpone the wedding several times until I completed counseling, but I still went through with it. I now realize that was a mistake."

However, Ms. Johnson – a WNBA player herself – was said to be “blindsided” by the announcement, but plans to carry her child to term. The annulment comes a month after the couple was arrested on domestic violence charges and engaging in “mutual combat.”

As for the annulment itself, TMZ along with ESPN reported that Ms. Griner believes the marriage was conceived under “fraud and duress.” She goes on to say that she felt “…pressured into marriage under duress by Ms. Johnson's threatening statements.” The filing also goes on to state that Ms. Griner has no biological connection to the pregnancy that Ms. Johnson announced. The exact nature of the fraud and menace that Ms. Griner experienced was not reported, she hinted that the union may have started off on the wrong foot "With everything going on ... counseling, classes ... it wasn't the right way to start off a marriage like that."

Annulments are drastically different than divorces and effectively state that the marriage was never legal to begin with, therefore it cannot exist. If you are seeking an annulment or have questions concerning the difference between it and a divorce, contact the Law Office of Rick D. Banks today and schedule a free consultation. To schedule a no obligation consultation, call (559)222-4891.
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