How is Child Custody Determined in California?

Child custody is often one of the most emotional and contentious issues parents face when they divorce or separate. Significantly, when parents part ways, a decision must be made regarding where the children will live and who will make decisions on t… Read More
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What Does it Mean to Have 50/50 Custody in California?

When a couple with children divorces or separates, their top priority should be the best interests of their children. Recognizing that it’s crucial for children to develop meaningful relationships and maintain strong bonds with each parent, Califor… Read More
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Do California Courts Allow for Half-Sibling Visitation?

When a couple divorces or separates, it can have a significant emotional impact on their children. They might not only have to adjust to a new home or school, but children can face many other changes regarding their living situation. Significantly, s… Read More
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